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The PureCap Laundry Cleaner concept was developed by Laura, who wanted a laundry cleaner that was easy to make at home, with the cleaning power of commercial products.

When she started to share samples with friends, they kept asking for more, and the product concept was born. But there was a problem. When samples were distributed more widely it became apparent that the PureCap Laundry mix needed packaging that would enhance the ease of use.

Laura had connected with Alex Lobos, an assistant Industrial Design professor at Rochester Institute of Technology, in search for some students to help her solve the packaging issue. Having concentrations in packaging science and marketing, Katherine and Dom were excited to approach this challenge. They immediately recognized the need for a package that would enhance the ease of use, and address the needs of students and empty-nest customers who are rarely considered when laundry cleaner products are developed. Their knowledge of human factors and packaging leant us a valuable perspective in how to consider and design user-friendly packaging.

With a great laundry formulation and innovative packaging that addresses sustainability and ease of use, Laura, Katherine and Dom formed PureCap Laundry, LLC. PureCap has reached out to local resources to form a bond to help kickstart our company. We are currently seeking capital to ramp up product commercialization. We hope to hit a store near you!
Co-Founders, Katherine, Dom and Laura at Rochester's GreenTopia Festival
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our story
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