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Clean clothes should feel good,
smell fresh, and leave our skin
healthy. PureCap Laundry delivers
effective cleaning in a gentle
formulation that leaves clothes
clean, soft and fresh.
Face it, who loves lugging that heavy awkward detergent bottle around?. Students, city dwellers and even soccer moms, you know what we're talking about. PureCap addresses the unmet needs to millions of consumers around the country. We created a lightweight and compact packaging that is easy
to carry and easy to store.
There is much more to sustainability then using recyclable materials. PureCap provides a paradigm-shifting way to address sustainability issues. We offer reusable packaging to reduce plastic waste, and decrease the impact on carbon emissions by reducing shipping weight by about 90%. No waste materials, just one great bottle and caps.
Our challenge was to find an easy
but effective way to mix dry laundry cleaner with water. You can probably imagine what a mess that can make, right?. Not only did we solve the mixing problem, we also focused on consumers with hand disabilities. (e.g. limited hand strength, arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, etc) Each bottle was carefully created with ergonomic designs for a wide range of PureCap consumers.
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