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purecap news
PureCap News
PureCap Hands out
Formula Samples
January 2013
PureCap Laundry has produced over 200
samples of their formula for voice of customer data research. If you come across PureCap samples, I suggest you grab one and give it a try!
Prototype Unveil At Rochester's
GreenTopia Festival
September 2012
Our prototype packaging was introduced at the Rochester GreenTopia Festival, to positive reviews.
Consumers had the opportunity to interact with the prototypes and appreciated the comfort of the ergonomic designs. Numerious visitors to the booth commented that these bottles would not hide away
in cupboards!
PureCap Debuts Concept At
RIT's Innovation Festival
April 2012
The PureCap Laundry Cleaner was demonstrated to potential consumers at Imagine RIT, receiving an overwhelmingly positive response.
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PureCap Appears
on RIT's Webpage
March 2013
Rochester Institute of Technology sat down with PureCap Laundry last month to write an intriguing article on their innovative laundry cleaner. Click on the link below to check it out!